A new player enters the cooling game: Chatting with Iceberg Thermal at CES 2023

At CES 2023, I stopped by the booth of Iceberg Thermal.

Iceberg Cooling has already made a splash in the PC cooling world, their IceSLEET G6 Stealth being a favorite for many. Later this year, they will also enter the liquid cooling market with AIO coolers. I’ve recently recieved a sample of their top tier consumer desktop air cooler – the IceSLEET X7 Dual – and will post the results of testing to this site once finished.

IceSLEET X7 Dual CPU Cooler

As a company, they’re relatively new to the consumer market – founded three years ago in Tempe, Arizona. Their engineering team, however, has over 15 years experience designing cooling products – and they currently produce designs for other PC brands such as ASUS.

A table showing CPU Air Cooling, fans, and industrial coolers

Their cooling solutions aren’t just limited to the consumer market – they provide cooling solutions for automotive companies, medical equipment for providers such, and home appliances. Brands they work with include BMW, Phillips, and Panasonic – amongst others.

I saw one of those solutions and joked – only half seriously – that the fanless community would go crazy it were adapted to a consumer platform.

a close up image of a large industrial cooler with 12 heatpipes and a lot of fins

I spoke with Iceberg Thermal’s CEO for a few minutes, who talked about the challenges when designing fans and balancing noise levels with total performance. He mentioned various trends in the cooling market, and how consumer preferences vary in different parts of the world.

Germany, for example, tends to prefer fans with silent profiles – whereas parts of Asia prefer fans with higher performance at the cost of noise. Later on, another employee clarified that they will have solutions for all markets – both those that prefer silence, and those who prefer performance at the cost of noise.

Iceberg Thermal’s plans for the consumer market don’t end with just air coolers. They have fans of various sizes and specifications available, as well as thermal pastes and pads and even a SSD heatsink. Additionally, they’ll be creating a variety of niche products – for example, a TEK cooler designed to keep your soda cool while gaming!

Iceberg Thermal's TEK soda cooler, NVMe cooler, and other products.

Will Iceberg Thermal’s products live up to the hype? We’ll be testing their coolers, fans, and pastes in the future and comparing them to the competition – so stayed tuned!