Intel’s Lex Hoyos clarifies the situation with undervolting

There’s been a lot of talk about problems with undervolting Intel CPUs with the latest BIOS updates

I reached out to Intel’s Lex Hoyos, he offered the following clarification:

Undervolting is not blocked on 12th or 13th Gen Intel CPUs

•Latest BIOS update rolled out relevant software updates and recommended BIOS settings, including Undervolt Protection (UVP)

•When UVP is enabled Dynamic/Run-time undervolting is disabled. Undervolting is still available via BIOS.

Undervolt Protection (UVP) feature can be enabled/disabled in BIOS. Once disabled dynamic/run-time undervolting is enabled.

•Each OEM and/or motherboard vendor can decide whether to include UVP enable/disable as part of their BIOS options for users.

•Any questions about a certain system design or motherboard, we recommend you reach out to that OEM or motherboard partner.