New Reviews: Azza Cube AIOs, Enermax Liqmaxflo, Acidalie VB01, and more!

I’ve recently published reviews of coolers and heatsinks at Tom’s Hardware and Wccftech.

Azza’s a newer player in the cooling game, but their Cube 240 and 360mm do alright. Only the 360mm version is strong enough to keep Intel’s i7-13700K under TJMax (in a maximum strength workload), but they are both firmly in the budget territory with a MSRP of $99 for the 360mm!! Review at Tom’s Hardware (click here)

Acidalie is a name I’ve never heard of before, but after I started posting heatsink reviews I had a few Acidalie fanboys tell me that my testing is a joke without the VB01 in my results. Some of them called it the “Noctua NH-D15 of heatsinks”. They weren’t wrong. Review at Wccftech (click here)

Photo showing the Acidalie VB01 m.2 NVMe SSD heatsink

Enermax has released a new AIO that has a pretty massive VRM fan on top of the CPU block that make competitor’s VRM fans look like toy fans. It’s big. The cooler performs well and is able to keep Intel’s i7-13700K under TJMax during stress testing. They also include a user accessible refill port AND extra coolant – a stark contrast to the many companies which try pulling “warranty void if removed” shenanigans on their refill ports. Review at Tom’s Hardware (click here)

Image Source: Tom’s Hardware

I also tested Cooler Master’s 240 Atmos, and despite it’s small size it’s capable of keeping the i7-13700K under it’s peak temperature! In my opinion, Cooler Master’s 240 Atmos and Lian Li’s GA II 240 are the best 240mm AIOs currently on the market. Review at Tom’s Hardware (click here)

Image Source: Tom’s Hardware

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