New Reviews: Thermalright HR-10 Pro, DeepCool Assassin IV WH, and Lian Li Galahad II LCD 280

I’ve recently posted three reviews at Tom’s Hardware and Wccftech

Lian Li’s Galahad II LCD 280 at Tom’s Hardware : This is one of the strongest AIOs currently on the market, and packs a IPS Display which some may find useful.

DeepCool Assassin IV WH at Wccftech: This is DeepCool’s strongest air cooler, now available in white.

Thermalright HR-10 Pro Review at Wccftech: This is the 2nd strongest SSD Cooler I’ve ever tested. While it’s MSRP is at $22.99, I’ve seen it available for $14 on Amazon quite frequently.

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